Just Model It

In my recent reading of “Theory of Constraints”, it makes a claim that “Science moves from categorization, to correlation, to effect-cause-effect” as it advances. It describes the early days of star gazing as an activity of categorization – stars were placed into groups, that we now call constellations. They were given names based on their […]

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Being “Critical” is Bad for Your Career

There is a belief that a person being mission critical to a project or organization is good for your career. That person is likely good at their job. They have some piece of unique knowledge or skills. Maybe they were the creator of something and are the only one who understands it. Some believe that […]

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Proving Interoperability Earlier in Integration

Large systems require integration. Why? Because building large systems requires a huge team. A huge team operates efficiently by breaking a problem down into pieces that can be purchased or developed. At some point, those pieces must be brought back together. In project planning, I have seen projects show a roadmap of all the pieces […]

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