Delivering Manned & Unmanned Aviation services, CLS support, Lean Implementation, and MRO services for our customers.


Albers Aerospace provides the most qualified and experienced Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) aircrew and test personnel to support all your UAS needs. Since 2003, we have served as the United States Air Force’s primary contractor for developmental and operational testing of the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper systems. Our UAS team provides training on operations, regulations, best practices, and risk management to clients. Additionally, Albers Aero has designed, built, and certified our own small UAS for flight training, research and development, and market survey tasks.

Our expertise: Unmanned (UAS) Training, Operations and Maintenance (MQ-9)


Taking our experience as military aviators we have established performance in the manned aviation space. We support the USN through operations support in the CONUS and are capable of performing chase operations as mission/contract needs require. See what Albers Aero can do for your manned aviation needs.


Integrated Supply Chain Management

Albers Aerospace is expanding our capabilities to conduct maintenance, repair, refurbishments, and avionics upgrades for private and military aircraft. Albers Aero aims to obtain all Federal Aviation Administration ratings of Airframe, Propeller, Powerplant, Radio, Instrument, and Accessory. Through our subsidiary, Heritage Aviation Ltd, we are capable of providing avionics repair, and in 2022 we will be opening additional capability at McKinney National Airport with our goal being to provide full-service capabilities there: AOG support, Mobile response teams, Paint services, Parts and Supply Distribution and Pre-buy Inspections.


Albers Aerospace offers Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) to our customers at multiple locations throughout the United States. Our capabilities include life cycle management, obsolescence & configuration management, and continuous process improvement. Our CLS Team is in the process of developing the capability to be an OEM-Approved FAA-Certified Parts Supplier.


Our Lean team has extensive expertise in aviation production, manufacturing, and quality including successful implementation of lean manufacturing techniques. With nearly four decades of experience in the aerospace industry, our team has extensive past performance supporting a major Tier 1 OEM. Albers Aerospace has an incredible track record of program performance turnarounds through lean manufacturing implementation across multiple aerospace platforms in the defense industry and on numerous aerospace production lines.

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