Albers Aerospace provides a combination of products and services to our industry partners in the Digital Engineering domain. Our team of experienced Systems Engineers understands how to apply systems design theory and processes. We utilize MBSE toolsets to rapidly capture systems designs and connect them to development and test environments to form a digital toolchain. The modular digital toolchain manages complexity to drive value to your customer and efficiency in your execution.

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Digital Engineering, MBSE Training, Rapid Prototype Development, and Automated Document Generation


Model Based Testing, Requirements Baselining, and DO-178C & DO-254 Quality MBSE Frameworks

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Real stories about what we’ve done for clients and illustrating what our team is capable of doing for you

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Albers Aerospace connects MBSE

You need Model-Based designs connected to Modeling, Simulation, and Test. But you don’t want MBSE toolsets to be part of your technology stack where it doesn’t make sense. Allowing MBSE to be connected without needing to be integrated lowers the complexity of later stages of development while keeping the benefits of MBSE.

We use MBSE toolsets that capture system designs in SysML and follow patterns for initial prototyping, specification definition, document generation, and test case development – then once real simulators, software, and/or hardware replaces the prototyped modules, the test sets continue to operate as part of your CI pipeline to provide value as your project continues integration. Requirements, design, and testing remain traceable throughout the systems engineering lifecycle, and the testing can be initiated, driven, monitored, logged, and audited by the test model.

Make MBSE integrate with your messaging and communications implementations to stimulate behavior at a functional level for simplified testing.

Our Process

Using mature, proven, disciplined processes in a digital toolchain

Make the tools in your digital engineering toolchain work for you, not the other way around.

You have processes that are familiar and work well. We help adapt MBSE practices to those processes.

Define the deliverables, ensure the source data and necessary inputs exist, and let us help produce, deliver, and train on the methods for the tool to do the work, manage complexity, and provide traceability.

Systems Engineering processes are ordered, iterative activities that have definable, testable, and known completion criteria. MBSE is Systems Engineering. Because design activities have a sequence and are verifiable, they can be used to generate an executable process, where progress against a plan can be tracked.


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