Model Based Testing Framework

Put SysML models to work and push model behaviors out to the real world.

Stub out components that don’t yet exist – write the test cases for them and automate your test suite. As soon as the component is ready (software, hardware, vendor simulator, etc.), plug it in and continue to run your tests against it.

Don’t wait for your product, test your design.

Start earlier. Define the problems. The earlier you solve them, the less sunk cost you have invested in errors. Earlier diagnosis means you can be more adaptable.

Those aren’t the only benefits – the test cases you build for your design can drive your product testing. You’re not doing any extra work – it’s just being done earlier. The only thing you increase is your payoff.

For it to work, your design must stay synchronized with your product. This pays further dividends – reusability of design, ease of technology refresh, and many sustainment / logistics benefits once a solution is deployed.

We understand the necessary strategy from conceptual design through integration and field testing to make this all happen, and we’ve helped multiple partners work through it.

DO-178C and DO-254 Quality MBSE Frameworks

Take a software model where components are defined and DAL ratings are known, empty evidence baselines can be generated that contain the necessary elements to be populated so the items specified in the tables in the appendices of the DO-178 specification can be defined, traced, validated, and tracked.

Address pain points:

  • Quality and Safety end up as speed bumps at the end of the delivery process rather than priorities throughout the development cycle
  • Quality Engineers have high workloads, Program Management lacks insight, and coordination / prioritization of tasking is difficult
  • Audits are difficult because traceability between requirements, design, and implementation is missing or vague
  • Validity of evidence baselines is difficult to determine because of requirement edits or design change impacts
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