Model Baseline Creation and Comparison

Enable impact assessment with design baseline comparison with SEAM (Systems Engineering Analysis / Management)

Problem: Analysis of design changes over time with existing tools is very difficult.
Solution: SEAM addresses the industry need for Model Baseline Creation and Comparison.

Through a R&D Partnership with Dassault, this solution has been formalized as a product offering:
SEAM Baseline Plugin for Cameo / CATIA Magic. Now available.

  • Performance-oriented: Tested against models with hundreds of thousands of elements
  • Overlay-enabled: Stores information in the toolset but outside of design models
  • Multiple configuration compatibility: Works with stand-alone models or Teamwork Cloud

Enable efficient change inspection and analysis

Leverage the Full Benefits of Digital Engineering

Accelerate Analysis Tasks to Provide Value
Simple tasks take far too long to complete. Consider the following scenarios:

We understand the digital toolset workflows industry needs to be effective
Measuring incremental progress in reportable ways can be difficult but is necessary as it helps demonstrate value to stakeholders. Top-down requirement, design, and test changes need bottom-up assessment from multiple disciplines / scopes. SEAM solves the difficulty traditionally associated with this analysis.

The impact of inefficiency is felt throughout the organization, within development/test lifecycle, and beyond
Scope changes that can’t be identified won’t be responded to quickly and cause downstream impacts on cost/schedule/performance. SEAM identifies changes and helps prepare analysis packages for SME review.

Example Model

Can your reliably tell what elements have been modified or added from this example model (UAF Sample model, modified)?
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SEAM In-use

SEAM provides the answer key – easily compare added, deleted, and modified elements between the two selected model snapshots.
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