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Bring Engineering Process Discipline to your Digital Toolchain with SmartSync

Problem: Acquisition of complex systems must be accelerated.
Solution: SmartSync solves the interoperability problem among disconnected tools, providing more than just data transfer and goes beyond workflow engine features.

Digital tools provide gains in efficiency, but only if they work for the design, analysis, and test teams – and the data produced must be accessible to other disciplines, including non-technical roles and stakeholders. Beyond this, the actions required by everyone responsible in a workflow must be clearly defined, communicated, tracked, and auditable.

  • Accountability without restriction: Engineers and designers maintain the ability to make changes while other stakeholders are notified, when necessary, with fully auditable workflows
  • Use the tools you have: Have an issue tracking or risk management system you like? SmartSync connects it to your other tools, with more than just data. Engineering process discipline + automation.
  • Reduce risk: Data currency and validity should not have to be questioned. SmartSync makes sure your authoritative data stays in sync across your digital tools.

Connect isolated data with engineering process discipline

Are your processes auditable? They will be with SmartSync.

Increase communication. Simplify workflows.
No single tool contains all of your important data throughout even a single stage of a design, much less the entire acquisition lifecycle. We connect your tools in a way that brings transparency and visibility to stakeholders that require it.

If you are an acquisition effort supporting the United States Department of Defense, DoD Instruction 5000.97, recently released in December 2023, establishes policy that states “the DoD will use digital engineering methodologies, technologies, and practices across the life cycle of defense acquisition programs, systems, and systems of systems to support research, engineering, and management activities”. Albers Aerospace can help your team quickly deploy accessible modeling patterns that define your digital toolset environment and jump start your efforts, bringing clarity and visibility to aspects of your efforts that usually remain unexplored until issues surface.

Define the Digital Engineering Ecosystem
Can you answer which data items are authoritatively stored by a specific toolset? What about which toolsets require data from other places? Does your entire team have access to this information and know how to modify it when new toolsets are added or new data becomes available? Deploy SmartSync with the Distributed Authoritative Source of Truth (DASoT) Profile and answer these questions. Reach out to our team and let us help you rapidly deploy a solution that will serve as a foundation for your digital engineering efforts.

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