Redefining the Future for the Warfighter

Welcome to Albers Aerospace’s Innovative Technologies Division. We are redefining the future for our Warfighter and the Commercial sector through our innovative technology licenses and our incredible team of professionals that are deeply experienced, understand the nuances of Government defense acquisition, and know where great value can be delivered.


Our Family of Companies holds an exclusive unlimited license from the U.S. Navy on two Navy-owned patents built around Ultra-Short Pulse Laser methodologies. This technology significantly impacts coating adherence and the fight against corrosion. This is not laser ablation. The impact of this technology goes beyond maritime application and will benefit aviation, medical devices, oil & gas, and other industries that battle corrosion or need exceptional adherence of their coating/bonding systems.

If you have an interest in partnering with us or utilizing our technology contact us.


Albers Aerospace also holds a Technology License for the military version of the Venturi – aptly named the Vortex.

The Vortex utilizes four patents framed around innovative methods of applying the laws of aerodynamics to generate significant lift and payload with minimal drag. Our design is an eVTOL aircraft that can be optionally-manned, fly 500NM at 200kts, and carry 1000 lbs of payload. The Vortex is modular and its capabilities can be customized to meet mission needs based on pilot or automated inputs.

Contact us for information about collaborating on our innovative technologies or to inquire about talking to one of our experts in these two technologies.


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